Custom-made Rhizoboxes

Rhizobox / Root box

VSI Rhizobox / root box systems of different designs are used to i) separate rhizosphere soil from bulk soil, ii) are a feasible ways to study different aspects of soil–root interactions, iii) to measure root growth, turnover and depth distribution and iv) to sample defined root types (e.g. age classes, orders). Splitting the root compartment of rhizoboxes is a cost-effective way to double the number of replicates, since only negligible additional labour and no additional space is needed. Assembling the compartments with highly corrosion resistant screws (back or front plate detachable) facilitates the filling procedure and prolongs the usability. The flat surfaces allow for space optimised placement (e.g. important in growth chambers) and easy picture acquisition by standard or oversized flatbed scanners. Images can be analysed with (free) software programs.

 Materials (e.g. type, colour, transparent/opaque, ...) and dimensions (A4, A3, custom) of the rhizoboxes, assembly of parts (glued or with inserted nuts), perforation of the bottom (frequency, diameter) or completely sealed for studies under sterile conditions, autoclavability, compartmentalisation (e.g. front/back separated by 50µm mesh for mycorrhizal hyphae studies), type of seals (Silicon, Teflon, ...) etc. can be ordered according to needs. 

Please request a quote indicating the inner size (h x w x l) and other relevant features, and the required numbers of rhizoboxes. Boxes are custom-made according to your specifications; mass production at reduced prices is feasible.

Rhizoboxes - Design Examples