About us

Vienna Scientific Instruments is an Austrian engineering company. We are a group of skilled and highly motivated engineers and scientists, technicians and business administrators committed to satisfy the scientific instrumentation needs of our customers - building and developing accurate, user friendly, and dependable devices for field and laboratory use. Recently, we moved to a new location just outside of Vienna featuring 600m2 workshop space for an even larger set of production equipments including several 3D printers technologies and a portal milling machine - enhancing our in-house capacities and thus delivery time.

In the field or the laboratory, studying plants, animals or the abiotic environment, Vienna Scientifics' devices always fit your needs because they are developed in close collaboration with the experts - YOU!

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our partners for their valuable input and the technical challenges they allowed us help solving. We wish you most success in all you future endeavours (and the one or other publication in Nature or Science!) and hope to continue to be part of it.

Count us out! Vienna Scientific Instruments does not develop, build or supply equipment which will be used in consumptive experimentation on vertebrates.

Quality policy

We at Vienna Scientific Instruments are committed to value oriented quality from the perspective of the customer.

  • Quality of workmanship and service are encouraged without adding unduly to cost.
  • Quality is primarily dependent upon individual commitment and acceptance of responsibility by each employee for the quality of the products and services offered, both internal and externally.
  • Efforts of continuous improvement focus on enhancement of products, process reliability and customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing technologies and facilities

Developing and building scientific equipment involves the integration of a number of manufacturing activities. Vienna Scientific Instruments has chosen to retain key competences in-house to guarantee quality and to safeguard a cost-efficient, speedy production. Our 600 square meter-workshop includes the following sections:

  • Design center (CAD)
  • Metal fabrication and machine shop (CNC milling, laser beam cutting, casting)
  • 3D printing facility (DLP, FDM and LOM)
  • Electronic assembly and test
  • Final assembly line,  test and inspection
  • Function tests under extreme environmental conditions (with partner organisations)