Custom-made Scientific Equipment

Product line

Our product line is steadily expanding and currently encompasses soil sampling equipment, rhizoboxes, minirhizotron systems, ecosystem respiration chambers, an automated air sampling system, a larvae feeding station, mechanical sex separators for mosquito pupa, rearing cages for insects and equipment for behavioral neuroscience. In addition, we offer to design and produce any kind of labware / small components and open-hardware for research settings.

All devices are produced and assembled on demand according to the requested specifications. Because of the various customization options, it is advantageous if we learn about your specific requirements in detail. Please be aware that production time depends on the complexity of the product.

Currently we work on dozens of projects, developing new measurement and sampling devices and lab tools together with research partners. Please contact us if you want to contribute or are interested in a particular device, we are happy to involve you in running development or to establish a new partnership.