Custom-made spare parts & Reverse ENGINEERING

Custom-made spare parts, scientific instruments, spare and wear parts, reverse engineering

Have you ever had a scientific instrument that you absolutely loved in terms of measuring accuracy and/or ease of use but the manufacturer was no longer providing replacement parts? Is the shipping time of available original replacement parts unacceptable or do you need some degree of customization?

Vienna Scientific Instruments is able to recreate custom spare and wear parts for your scientific instrument using a wide variety of materials and including mechanical and electronic parts. To estimate costs and to reverse engineer the customized spare part for your scientific equipment we either need a copy of the original blueprint, most accurate measurements (incl. photos with size scale) and detailed information on the material, or to get hands on a (broken) sample of the part. If the part you want to reverse engineer is actually not available, you can either send in (parts of ) the instrument or agree to a measuring service.


Our service

  • 3D measuring and modelling (reverse engineering)
  • Customization of original design in regard to material and geometry
  • Quality fabrication of custom spares, using various materials

Manufacturing Technologies and Facilities

Producing spares for scientific equipment involves the integration of a number of manufacturing activities. Vienna Scientific Instruments has chosen to retain key competences in-house to guarantee quality and to safeguard a cost-efficient, speedy production.  The workshop includes the following sections:

  • Design center (CAD)
  • Metal fabrication and machine shop (CNC milling, laser beam cutting, casting)
  • 3D printing facility (DLP, FDM and LOM)
  • Electronic assembly and test
  • Final assembly line,  test and inspection
  • Function tests under extreme environmental conditions (with partner organisations)