Accelerating scientific research ... by innovative and tailor-made Scientific instrumentation and tools

Fully automated minirhizotron system, HD imaging, Omni wheel-drive, 360°
Example: Custom-made minirhizotron system, omni-wheel type

Novel research often requires new scientific approaches and continuous development of new technologies - and may require specialist and unique scientific instrumentation to collect samples / data and to control processes both in the laboratory and the field.

Vienna Scientific Instruments supports this process through the combination of imaginative science and creative engineering and is coming into play when commercial instrumentation is either unavailable or unsuitable to address unique research questions or scientific tasks - producing your customized scientific instrumentation. Furthermore, we can help you to pursue 'open hardware' projects by modifying the designs available in repositories to fit your needs or by providing you with the complete kits, ready to assemble or already mounted, or special parts you lack the time to produce in sufficient quality yourself.


Vienna Scientific Instruments provides multidisciplinary engineering expertise, enabling assessment of problems and proposal of potential solutions; this process is highly iterative and requires a continuous dialogue between scientists, engineers and future operators to directly collaborate on the design and testing of a novel device.


Dynamic needs of public or private research institutions are met by our ability to rapidly design, build and amend instruments as research evolves. To meet this requirement, Vienna Scientific Instruments is equipped with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies. We use rapid production by 3D printing and integrate precision machined components as required, allowing engagement with a very broad spectrum of projects - ranging from mechanically highly resilient soil corers to robotic laboratory or UAV-bound automation and sampling systems.

Manufacturing Technologies and Facilities

The development and production of scientific equipment involves the integration of a number of manufacturing activities. Vienna Scientific Instruments has chosen to retain key competences in-house to guarantee quality and to safeguard a cost-efficient, speedy production. The workshop includes the following sections:

  • Design center (CAD)
  • Metal fabrication and machine shop (CNC milling, laser beam cutting, casting)
  • 3D printing facility (DLP, FDM and LOM)
  • Electronic assembly and test
  • Final assembly line,  test and inspection
  • Function tests under extreme environmental conditions (with partner organisations)