VSI @ scientific Conferences

Academic posters and oral presentations alike, when done effectively, are a succinct and attractive way to showcase our work at scientific conferences. We hope that presentations given by VSI staff will generate discussion amongst the audience - stimulating new research ideas and methodologies. On the same time, participating in scientific conferences helps us to better understand the instrumentation needs and to collate new ideas for future research projects and products. In addition, we hope to gather feedback on our already ongoing R&D&I projects and products to adapt and further refine both to needs of the scientific community.

VSI Conference PresenTations 2018

Seehra, L; Mayer, S; Richards, TA; Mayer, F; Rewald, B (2018) Novel Manual and Automatic HD Minirhizotron Camera Systems to Facilitate MR use in Plant Sciences [Poster]. In: International Society of Root Research (Ed.), Book of Abstracts. [ISRR-10 - Exposing the hidden half. Root Research at the Forefront of Science, International Symposium, Jerusalem, Israel, JUL 8-12, 2018]