Soil core storage solutions

Half shell for soil core storage after sampling, during transport and for safe long term storage
Half shell for storing soil cores

We offer storage and transport solutions for undisturbed soil samples, exactly fitting the diameter of your soil cores and variable in length. The storage containers prevent disturbance of soil cores during transport and allow for safe long-term storage of dried cores for research and teaching purposes. Storage container sets are available in several colours and consist of two half shells made from styrodur and a bung (3-4 cm thick) for the open side (allowing to adjust for soil core length, especially important during transport). Styrodur is easier to clean and more robust than Styropor half shells. Containers need to be closed tightly with tape after sample insertion. Standard size of container sets (i.e. 2 shells, assembled, + 1 bung) is approx. 60 cm (length) x 10.5 cm (height) x 10.5 cm (width), holding 7.2 cm diameter soil cores of a maximum length of 56 cm.

Small batch series starting from 50 sets can be purchased and will be produced on demand according to the required soil core diameter and length. For larger batches (>500 pieces), a cost effective option of Styropor-pressed storage containers is available for soil cores of diameter 6.8 cm and a maximum length of 50 cm. 

Soil Storage container - Example Images