Microinjection Dispense Systems

Openspritzer figure, property of Forman et al. (2017), Sci Rep.
Openspritzer figure, property of Forman et al. (2017), Sci Rep.

Designed by Forman et al. (2017) for ease of use, robustness and low-cost, the “Openspritzer” is an open hardware “Picospritzer” as routinely used in biological labs around the world for rapid and reproducible ejections of picoliter and nanoliter volumes. The performance of Openspritzer and commercial alternatives was found to be effectively indistinguishable by the developers. The system is based on a solenoid valve connected to a pressure gauge; control can be obtained directly via an external TTL pulse or internally through an Arduino set by a rotary encoder.


Citation:  Forman, C. J., H. Tomes, B. Mbobo, R. Burman, M. Jacobs, T. Baden, and J. Raimondo. 2017. Openspritzer: an open hardware pressure ejection system for reliably delivering picolitre volumes. Scientific Reports 7:2188.

Files: All files needed to construct the device are available at http://raimondolab.com/Openspritzer/ and as Supplement of the manuscript.  [Vienna Scientific Instruments is not responsible for the content of external links. ]


Please get in contact if you need any help building this versatile open hardware pressure ejection system.