VSI-BARTZ Manual HD MR Camera

VSI-Bartz MS-16 minirhizotron camera module

The manual VSI-BARTZ minirhizotron camera MS-16 is a tool that gives a wide range of basic or applied plant and soil scientists the ability to capture HD digital images (2500 dpi!) of roots and the rhizosphere over one or multiple growing seasons. Durable and lightweight, and equipped with the reliable "Smucker" indexing handle for exact vertical positioning (and an novel indexing head for circular positioning), the manual & portable HD minirhizotron camera system is following the tradition of Bartz camera systems. It is reliable and easy to transport to any field location or can be used in rhizotron facilities and for studies in mesocosms. It is equally suitable to image horizontally, vertically and angled minirhizotron tubes up to 500 cm in length and can be factory calibrated to a large range of different MR tube dimensions (see MR tubes section for standard MR-T diameters). The software quickly and reliable allows to set-up and follow-up imaging schedules and locations and handles the comprehensible ICAP naming of images, picture resizing (of native format, depending of MR-T diameter, to a standardised 20 mm x 20 mm incl. lineralisation of tube curvature effects). See below for a detailed list of features and specifications of the model VSI MS-16!