Bartz MR Camera systems (DISCONTINUED)

Since 1984, the MR imaging systems BTC-2 and BTC-100X of Bartz technology Corporation set the standard for MR imaging. The robust design, the unique and effective positioning system ("Smucker handle") and the reliable video camera were used world-wide in a plethora of research projects addressing root depth distribution, root turnover and hyphae development to name a small selection of topics. The software ICAP helped to structure experiments and to capture and annotate images in a consistent way and remains until today a reliable tool for beginners and experienced users alike. However, as imaging technology, especially digital camera and lighting systems develop, it is now time to cease producing the BARTZ camera systems and to develop a digital version 2.0. This is reached in close collaboration between Bartz Technology Corporation and Vienna Scientific Instruments - keeping reliable, long lasting and manifold field-tested features such as the positioning system while reaching new dimensions in terms of image quality. We hope researchers world-wide will find the new minirhizotron systems developed in this joint-venture as useful as the BTC MR systems. 

In the name of both companies we wish to express our gratitude and sincere thanks to the many researchers for there feedback on the MR systems -- improving the minirhizotron technology (and thus knowledge on the hidden half) significantly. Happy root imaging!

Spare PARts / repairs / Upgrade of classic Bartz MR Camera Systems

In our strive for customer satisfaction and to maximize the service life of all our instruments, including the MR camera systems, we are happy to announce that we will continue to provide spare parts and conduct repairs of the Bartz MR systems. Please contact Mr. Thom A. Richards @ Bartz Technology Corporation for a quote.


We would be also happy to discuss the upgrade of your current Bartz systems, e.g. changing the imaging unit to our new HD system or adding an adaptor to set the angle of imaging within tubes more easily.  Please get in contact for many more years of reliable root imaging with your upgraded systems - VSI powered by Bartz Technology Corporation!

Classical Bartz Mr systems (BTC-2, BTC-100X) - Impressions

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