Tray and Rack systems for larvae

Tray and rack rearing station
Tray and rack rearing station for larvae

VSI Tray and Rack system - The requirement for efficient insect mass rearing and especially mosquito mass rearing technology has been one of the major obstacles preventing the large scale application of the Sterile Insect Technique against mosquitoes and other insect pests. At the FAO/ IAEA Insect Pest Control Laboratories a larval rearing unit was recently developed and evaluated (see literature below) and is expected to be able to successfully rear hundred thousands of mosquitoes per rack. The racks are efficiently holding trays with developing larvae for large scale production. Racks can be mechanically or manually tilted for efficient collection and cleaning purposes. Please contact us if you require more information or if you are looking for a technical solution for your specific mass rearing facility. 

Tray and RAck system, Examples

Selected readings on mosquito Tray and rack systems

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