Oviposition Brushing Machine

Brushing machine to remove eggs from oviposition paper
Brushing machine to remove eggs from oviposition paper

VSI oviposition brushing machine - In insect rearing facilities, e.g. laboratories dealing with mosquitos, females are often allowed to oviposit (i.e. deposit eggs) on moist (sterilized) paper strips such as paper towels, seed germination paper or crepe paper. Commonly, the eggs are collected after paper drying by laboratory personnel - using fine brushes to manually brush the eggs from the "egg papers" into containers for maturation. However, this is process is laborious and thus not suitable for high-throughput mass rearing facilities and research institutions. Together with the IAEA (Seibersdorf, Austria), Vienna Scientific developed an brushing machine to automatically remove the adhering eggs from the paper strips. For doing so, paper strips are gradually entered between two counter rotating barrels equipped with brushes. The brushing speed can be adjusted stepless. Eggs are collected from an extractable storage compartment at the bottom.  The user-friendly machine significantly reduces the time for insect egg collection in laboratory settings. The design allows for easy cleaning of all parts after removing the cover. 

Brushing machine for egg collection from Oviposition paper strips

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