Accelerometers can be used to measure and record vibration on cars, boats, planes, machines and buildings and even seismic activity. In conjunction with the vibration platforms or shakers, recordings can be used to create motion simulations and to verify and control the vibration output of the platform or benchtop shakers. Features: Capacitive Micromachined, Nitrogen Damped, ±4V Differential Output or 0.5V to 4.5V Single Ended Output, Fully Calibrated, Low Power Consumption, -55 to +85°C Operation, Standard 9V battery powered, Simple 1/4″ balanced TRS line level plug for easy interface with pro-audio recording equipment, BNC Adaptor for easy use with DAQ or Oscilloscope, Responds to DC and AC Acceleration, Rugged Anodized Aluminum Module, Low Noise.  Five models are available, suitable for acceleration of ±2, ±5, ±10, ±25 and ±50g. See product sheet (link below) for details. 

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